Bushwick Bill

"You've gotta remember that gangsta-rap is a term that is an interpretation by the press. ... As far as I'm concerned, it's reality. I may use colorful metaphors and curse words to express myself, but I'm not making anything up out of thin air. In the Bible, it talks about how God made us for his good pleasure and didn't desire for us to go to hell. At the same time, he has scriptures that talk about wars where people die in terrible, terrible ways. Deuteronomy ... talks about the blessings and the curses of God, and other than Revelations, there isn't a heavier verse you can read. In Deuteronomy ... it talks about how times will be so hard that you and your wife will be hungry and your wife will get pregnant and give birth and then eat the baby in secret. She won't even tell you about it. Now, what's that? I'm not rhyming anything worse than that. I just don't sugar coat anything." -- Bushwick Bill, rapper