Neil Young's Stranger Than Fiction Accident

Too much pot, my man? Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

If Neil Young had only reached for the leftover fruit salad, none

of this would have happened. Instead the godfather of grunge made himself a ham

sandwich a few nights ago, tried to cut it in half, and in the process sliced

open the tip of his left index finger.

When Young picked up his guitar to

practice for his upcoming European tour the next day, he felt enough pain to go

see a doctor. The physician told him to lay off the pointer digit for several

weeks, thus forestalling the tour.

In a written statement announcing the

cancellation Young joked Thursday, "I'd have eaten the [sandwich] in one piece

if I'd known that cutting it in half would jeopardize the tour. It's macaroni

and cheese from now on."

The European jaunt, scheduled to begin on June 9

at a Luxembourg ice rink, would have taken Young through 16 countries in five

weeks. The master of the one-note guitar solo is expected to be in fine form by

the time the H.O.R.D.E. festival kicks off in the U.S. in mid-July. The

European dates are being tentatively rescheduled for fall.

Young's next

release, the live double CD Year Of The Horse, lands in stores on July