Wallflowers' Jakob Dylan Continues Tour Despite Dad's Illness

Quiet as his father on family matters.

Like his legendary father before him, Wallflowers' leader Jakob

Dylan apparently prefers to keep his personal life private.

So it's not

surprising that when news surfaced Wednesday that his dad, Bob Dylan, one of

the most influential voices in the history of rock music, was hospitalized with

a potentially life-threatening heart ailment, that the younger Dylan has not

had anything to say in public. That's what his publicists say.

"I've spoken

to Jakob, and on our side of stuff there is no comment with regard to his

father," said Like Burland, a spokesperson for the Wallflowers.


said that Jakob's highly successful tour to promote the band's second album,

Bringing Down the Horse, which has sold more than two million

copies and

looks like it will hit the three million mark soon, will not be postponed as a

result of his father's illness. "They're in Europe now," she said, adding that

the shows will "absolutely" continue as scheduled.

As for whether Jakob has

been in touch with his 56-year-old father since the '60s folk-rock guru was

stricken with severe chest pains over the past weekend she added, "I have no

idea, but I would have thought so. It's his father. But I didn't ask Jakob."

Dylan, 56, whose own summer tour was canceled, is being treated at an

undisclosed hospital for a not uncommon condition known as histoplasmosis, a

potentially fatal infection that results in a swelling of the sac surrounding

the heart. He is undergoing treatment and will remain in the hospital

indefinitely, according to a statement issued by Larry Jenkins, a Columbia

Records representative in New York. A source close to Dylan's family told

Reuters yesterday that the hospital is not in New York, and that Dylan

is registered under an assumed name.

Dylan, considered rock's most

important songwriter, composed such classic and often-covered songs as "Like A

Rolling Stone" "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "The Times They Are a-Changin' ." He

has influenced everyone from the Beatles and Rolling Stones to Bruce

Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Everclear and Pearl Jam.

A statement from his

publicists in Britain, where Dylan was scheduled to tour this summer, said that

he "is undergoing treatment and will remain hospitalized in the care of his

physicians until such time as they feel confident that his condition has

improved, after which time there will need to be a period of recuperation."

In the wake of his illness, Dylan's upcoming tour of Ireland, the U.K.

and Switzerland was canceled. It is uncertain whether the shows will be

rescheduled, according to the statement. Ticket holders are asked to check with

their local ticket distributor for refund policies.

Columbia, his record

company, is, however, keeping an August tour of the U.S. on the calendar for