ATN Road Report: Silkworm Blow Into The Windy City

No booze 'til Boston.

Chicago, Illinois 5-5-97

In the basement at WNUR

while Tim and Andy figure out how to play all our hits on bass and guitar

through a single amplifier.

We got here hoping we weren't expected to

perform, that it would just be an interview -- last time we played live here it

took the engineer three hours to plug in our fucking headphones, so we were

pretty leery about the whole thing. If we keep it simple, though, we'll be

fine. And I, of course, won't have to do a thing, thank goodness.


was a far better show than I'd expected. There were genuine fans present -- a

couple of guys who drove all the way from Minneapolis, poor fellas, and then

the local crowd who were fairly supportive. One guy kept yelling for Slowburn

until Andy actually pulled out his weenie and peed on the fool. We played well,

though, after I dropped my sticks about 20 times during Garden City Blues and

Timmy whacked me over the head with bottle of Ginger Beer.

We were put up

in a swank visiting-professor guest house, and James and I went to an actual

college party. I struck out with a girl from Queen Anne Hill and slept in the

bathtub until the cops woke me at 7 a.m., at which time I ran back to the guest

house, woke everyone up, packed the van and drove in a panic to Madison, Wis.,

where we experienced, I pray, the absolute worst show of the tour. We played 4

songs and were very, very eager to leave. I won't elaborate further, but let me

say I am happy to be in Chicago, excited to see old friends, and eager as a

rabid fucking dog to play a real rock show.

We've been surrounded by

college kids for the last few days, and it's been a little rough. They can't

cook well, they can't cook enough, they either can't talk or they don't know

when to shut up, and they live in the most hideous conditions.... I feel sorry

for them, but honestly, I just don't feel this sort of lifestyle is something I

benefit from being exposed to. And even if I wanted to help, what could I do?

Stayed in a Motel 6 last night; ate at a Taco Bell this morning.

Sorry this is brief. I can't remember all the details.

More later,

Michael D