Hey, U. S. Tobacco, The 60ft Dolls Aren't Playing!! Get it?

The current issue of Rolling Stone includes a tear-out coupon/postcard that will get you samples of Skoal plus ticket discounts. The coupon lists the 60ft Dolls as participating in the tour. They're not.

More than three weeks after Britain's 60ft Dolls confirmed that

they never agreed to have anything to do with this summer's Skoal-sponsored

R.O.A.R. tour, the festival's official web site still lists the band as part of

the line-up. The band is also featured on a R.O.A.R. insert in the latest issue

of Rolling Stone (June 12 cover with Jakob Dylan), even though Dolls'

co-manager Hugh Williams told ATN that "we were never confirmed to do this


Natasha Hale, the band's other co-manager, is frustrated by the

listings. "The only thing I care about is that kids go out and buy tickets

wanting to see 60ft Dolls, and 60ft Dolls aren't playing," she told ATN this

morning (May 28). She said she has asked that the tour to remove the band's

name, and that the Dolls' agent would demand that they not be included on the


Earlier this month, Hale sent a letter on behalf of the band to the

Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids in which she stated, "I want to make it as clear

to you as I possibly can that 60ft Dolls are not playing on any of the R.O.A.R.

dates. 60ft Dolls were offered a place on the tour, and although 60ft Dolls

could really do with a major tour we turned it down purely because of its

involvement with tobacco."

Skoal is a U. S. Tobacco Co. brand.


R.O.A.R. tour began on May 24 at the Westfair Amphitheatre in Council Bluffs,

Iowa. Third party concert databases such as Pollstar still list 60ft Dolls as

tour participants.

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