ATN Road Report: Silkworm Tour Gets Rock & Rolling

Cover art from Silkworm's Firewater album.

May 1st, Missoula, Montana, Jay's upstairs

We play

our first show tonight.

Andy says he loves Missoula, that playing here is

very weird and that he's looking forward to getting the fuck out of here. I

would agree with him, though it's hard to say exactly why it's such a strange

place to play. It's hard to think of it as just another show, but really it's

no big deal at all. Oh, there's just too much to think about. Get me to Beloit

where no one gives a fuck.

Spent yesterday driving. Argued about whether

or not hippies are filthy -- I, being the only hippie of the group, and

insulted by such remarks, had the last word: Filthy hippies are filthy,

I said. And speaking of filthy hippies, I got drunk as hell last night at

Charlie B's (after losing $40 in keno at the 24-hour filthy & charming

brains-on-the-menu Oxford Cafe), which was crawling with filthy drunk hippies

and their dogs. I tried to hit on their girlfriends and was repeatedly

rebuffed, and being drunk as hell on local bourbon, I accused one of the bigger

hippies of being filthy. He shouted something to one of the bigger dogs, which

latched onto my ankle and wouldn't let go until I told the hippie that he

smelled like a peach.

Bought some sunglasses at the Bon today and begged

the salesgirl to come to the show. If there's not at least one person there,

I'm never coming back to Missoula again, except to get drunk.

Andy and

James have joined me. Andy's looking for a smoking room to try out his cheap

cigars -- cigars have taken Missoula by storm, along with the rest of America.

It's cloudy and cold here and it may snow. If my Irises bloom before I get

home I'm gonna cry.

More later,

Michael D