Oasis' Leader Sings Along With Echo & The Bunnymen

Liam Gallagher grew up listening to the Bunnymen.

For all their bluster, badmouthing and trouble-making, one thing you can't

say about Oasis' Gallagher boys is that they're lazy.

Both Liam and Noel

have proven more than happy in the past to pitch in their musical talents for

everyone from the Chemical Brothers to the Seahorses and now one of the bad boy

brothers is lending his voice to the recently re-formed Echo and the Bunnymen.

But how did Oasis singer Liam get hooked up with Ian McCulloch and company on

their much-anticipated reunion album, Evergreen?

It was simple,


"We were mixing the album and Oasis were next door doing b-sides,"

says McCulloch of the chance meeting. "I walked into the reception area and

Liam said, 'Hey, how are you doing? Want to hear some of our new songs?' I said

'yeah' and we got on very well and when I played back 'Nothing Lasts Forever'

for him, he just started singing along and I invited him to sing on it," says

McCulloch of the first British single from the Bunnymen since he left one of

the '80s most innovative rock acts in 1989 to pursue a solo career.


some initial shyness, Gallagher agreed to sing backing vocals on the tune, but

only if McCulloch was in the room as well and pitched in. "He asked me to be in

the room singing with him when he laid down the vocal," says McCulloch, "but

once he started, he was just eating the mike and I knew he didn't need me there

to help. "

And while the results are a smattering of barely audible "la,

la, la"'s, even McCulloch admits one could do worse than to have a member of

Oasis on the first single of a comeback album. "He's very nice really,"

McCulloch insists of the infamously uncooperative Gallagher. "Not at all like

he's portrayed in the media."