Hitchcock Collection Offers Intro To An Important Artist

Nothing to do with the Soft Boys.

For those of

you not committed enough to the cult of singer/songwriter Robyn Hitchcock to

have gone out and bought the ten re-issues of his post-Soft Boys work released

by Rhino Records in 1995, help has arrived.

On August 5, Rhino will

release an overview compilation featuring tracks off eight of the 10 albums

entitled Uncorrected Personality Traits: The Robyn Hitchcock Collection,

a 20-track trip down memory lane chronicling the fertile years between the

demise of the oddball artist's group The Soft Boys and the start of his four

album relationship with A&M Records in 1986.

Compiled for the first time

are a number of tracks from 1980-1987, during which Hitchcock (along with his

band, the Egyptians) recorded some his biggest modern rock hits, such as "The

Man With The Lightbulb Head," "Queen Elvis II," and "If You Were A Priest."

Other tracks include "Acid Bird," "Egyptian Cream," "Linctus House," "Heaven,"

the title track "Uncorrected Personality Traits," and a live version of "My

Wife and My Dead Wife."

Hitchcock provided the track-by-track notes for

the album and a dozen testimonials (fanecdotes) collected off the

internet from Hitchcock fans around the world.

In other Hitchcock news,

the major-motion picture debut from Hitchcock has now been pushed back until

February of 1998. A Hitchcock performance dubbed Storefront Hitchcock,

from December of last year, was filmed by Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme

(Silence of the Lambs, Stop Making Sense) for a feature-length

live motion picture.

Hitchcock is scheduled to revive his nearly annual

live collaboration with Scott McCaughey's Young Fresh Fellows on June 13 in

Seattle at an event called "Viva Seatec II." And, despite the fact that

McCaughey has his hands more than full with his duties in his other band, the

Minus 5, there are plans for Hitchcock and the YFF to enter a Seattle studio to

work on some new material while he is in town for the show, which is expected

to draw a few "special guests" from McCaughey's various other side ventures

(Tuatara, Mark Eitzel, etc.)