MTV Doesn't Get Bloodhound Gang Singer's Little Joke About Gwen Stefani

Imagine ten midgets with bare midriffs. Maybe you better not.

While No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani was busy meeting with her new

film agents at United Talent Agency, a fellow rocker was trying to immortalize

the singer on film in a different way, although, unfortunately, you'll probably

never see the results, according to a source at Geffen records.


Gang singer Jimmy Pop Ali showed for a taping of a new MTV variety show set to

appear with 10 midgets dressed as the bare-midriff flaunting crooner.


that's as far as he got.

With the folks at MTV proving too skittish to tear

down one of the few bonafide new video stars they've helped build up since the

days of the Madonna/Prince/Michael triple threat, the producers of the new, uh,

"cutting edge" show "Oddville," said, "I don't think so" to Ali when he


up with his own special homage to the "Don't Speak" crooner, said the Geffen

source, who preferred to remain nameless. The Bloodhound Gang record for


When he insisted on appearing for his interview segment with his

posse of little people, Ali was said to have been kindly asked to leave the set


Ali did as the producers asked, only to be re-admitted later once

he'd shed the Gwenabees and agreed to appear alone. With the Bloodhound Gang on

board, there shouldn't be a dull moment on the

not-officially-sponsored-by-Skoal Skoal Smokeless Tobacco-sponsored

R.O.A.R. tour this summer.