Wu-Tang Don't Give A Beep About Censors

"Wu-Tang is here forever, mother______."

Just like Parental Warning stickers on albums have turned into

sure-fire selling points, the clumsy radio edits of songs from the Eels

"Novocaine for the Soul" to, well, anything by Foxy Brown, are sure to inspire

those under-18 to seek out the "dirty" versions of their favorite new tunes.

That said, far be it from the Wu-Tang Clan to censor the usual

profanity-laced rhythm of their everyday speech to appease moral


In fact, the Osiris-rapped intro to the first single from the

Clan's eagerly-awaited new double-album, Wu-Tang Forever (June 3),

"Triumph," featuring honorary Wu member CappaDonna, is so awash in

four-and-more-letter words it's near impossible to tell what the

Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Ol'-Dirty-Bastard is rapping about in-between beeps.

Here's a censored example:

"What, ya'll thought ya'll wasn't going to

see me? "I'm the Osiris of this _________ "Wu-Tang is here forever, mother_____

"This 97, aight my little ______ and ________ "Let's do it like this, I'm gonna

rub your _____ in the moonshine "Let's take it back to '79"

Meanwhile, the

group is gearing up...

Meanwhile, the group is gearing up to shoot a video for

"Triumph." The scenario is described in a video treatment written by Clanster

Raekwon the Chef. In keeping with their latest obscure theme, the Clan have

imagined themselves as a swarm of "killa beez" attacking a city with their

lyrical prowess. Picture this as they did, if you will:

"We wanna be flying

in the sky like killa beez swarming through the city. . .," writes Raekwon.

"Ol' Dirty is on top of a 100 story building. Thousands of people are at the

bottom of the building waiting to get him. . . By the end of his verse he falls

backwards off the building into a cross position. Simultaneously he is falling

and a swarm of killa beez are coming down (swooping down)."

Then, during

Method Man's verse:

"Beez swarm down from out of the sky into a bunch of

motorcycle gang riders with goggles, hard hats and dusty leathers. Method Man's

motorcycle's back tire is on FIRE with spikes sticking out of the wheels." The

scene that then unfolds describes mass hysteria, with crowds running in fear

and pavement cracking in apocalyptic fury.

CappaDonna's verse gives light

to a scene in which the beez invade the studio through the mixing board, while

U-God's scene has him hanging, Lost Boys-like, from his ankles in a

massive beehive from which he leads an attack on a jail, setting all the

prisoners free. The rest of the video unfolds through a series of millennial

mayhem, with famine, war and a scene at the "Killa Beez Festival" in a club

sprinkled with top secret celebrity guests who will all be transformed into

beez and fly off into the moon with the rest of the Clan.

All in a day's

work for the Wu-Tang it seems.