Sammy Hagar Says He's The "Greatest"

Hagar's vocals can be found on this Van Halen collection.

Sammy Hagar shocked music fans today when it

was revealed that his ego has inflated to elephantine dimensions. "I have to

prove that I'm still the greatest rock 'n' roll performer, the greatest rock

'n' roll singer in the world," he was quoted in today's L. A. Times as

saying. "I have to prove that there is life after Van Halen."

Hagar, of

course, is known for penning such high-camp songs as "I Can't Drive 55," which

some rock fans pinpoint as the beginning of Hagar's second career as a


The singer, who is a spry 49, was unceremoniously booted out of

Van Halen last year. He has recorded another solo album--his first since

parting ways with Eddie Van Halen and company--which is titled Marching To

Mars, and will be released Tuesday. And why did Hagar record a new album?

Was it because he feels he still has something to say? Does he want to make us

laugh again? "I don't know what else to do," he told the Times. "When

you get hurt by something in life, in a relationship or a friendship or a job,

you can either crawl into a hold and give up or you can try to turn it into

something positive."

Hagar will be hitting the road for a summer tour. He

seems to be quite interested in proving a thing or two to the remaining members

of Van Halen, who have been recording a new album with former Extreme singer

Gary Charone. "I think they really underestimated what I brought to the band:

my whole stage presence, my singing style, my songwriting," he said during the

Times interview. "If they think they can bring anyone in to replace

Sammy Hagar, they're making a big mistake."

We've been warned.