Font Master Has Designs On Rock Stars

The M. Doughty designed "Wichita" font.

It's an aspect of modern life you probably never consider. But

somebody had to design the font Taco Bell uses on its burrito wrappers, the

lettering on Ocean Spray bottles and movie posters for hip flicks like

subUrbia .

That somebody was font designer and "alphabetician" Chank

Diesel, whose quirky fontography has found its way onto dozens of different

products from Honeycomb cereal to Tanqueray gin and most recently to the Golden


Not satisfied with having his creations pilfered by just the

mainstream community, Chank recently branched-out into the music world with a

new series called Rockstar Fonts. Kicked off in March with "Darling Nikki,"

which he digitized from a handwritten alphabet sample provided by Golden

Palominos chanteuse Nicole Blackman, Chank has begun an ambitious project to

warehouse a new font every month from as many rock figures as he can track


The latest installment of these personalized alphabets, downloadable

for free from the webzine Tripod (, is by Soul Coughing singer

M. Doughty, a loopy, cartoony font he calls "Wichita"

( What's the connection

between rock and fonts? Well, we're not sure, but the artists seem game, since

Chank says you can look for new fonts from Kelly Deal, the Poster Children,

Morphine, Babes in Toyland and Motley Crue in the coming months.