New & Improved Weezer To Tour With No Doubt

Back on track. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Pop geeks Weezer have managed to sort out their well-publicized

differences (a January '97 cover story in Alternative Press entitled

"The Unraveling of Weezer" found the members slamming each other and acting

like ex's in the midst of a nasty custody battle).

The members plan to

re-group for a tour with pop darlings, No Doubt.

For a while it looked

like bassist Matt Sharp wouldn't be joining his bandmates in their first set of

extensive dates since January due to his continuing work on his side-project

band The Rentals and the increasingly uncomfortable situation between reclusive

singer Rivers Cuomo and the rest of the group. Sharp has been holed up in a

London studio for the past few months creating and producing the next synth pop

extravaganza from The Rentals, which is tentatively scheduled for a late summer


Meanwhile, drummer Pat Wilson has been at work on his own side

project, Special Goodness, as has guitarist Brian Bell, with his moonlighting

outfit, Space Twins.

Geffen Records is calling the band the "new and

improved Weezer." We're sure that's a joke. You know, like a take-off on "new

and improved Tide," or something. Right, guys? Guys?

Anyway, we're told the

band has re-discovered their spark and gotten excited (as excited as they get

really) about opening shows in 27,000-seaters for No Doubt, who will be

unveiling an elaborate, orange tree-themed set for this latest tour. The

unveiling of the shiny happy Weezer will take place at a May 19 radio show for

Boston's WFNX.

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