Heroin!, Kunstler, Quadsmen & More From Matador

Cover art for the new Matador Records release, Heroin!.

Normally, I keep my catalog fetish to myself. But when I discovered the new

Matador Records catalog, seemingly hidden in an extra pocket of the package for

the new Yo La Tengo album, I thought: "ATN readers just have to know about

this. It's my duty to tell them."

The catalog is for a cool dozen new

Matador albums that, frankly, I was totally unaware of. As far as I can tell,

these albums are available only by mail order, although the marketing folks at

Matador somehow left ordering info off the catalog, which boasts: "Matador The

Exciting NEW Way to Enjoy the Music You Want. In Your Home... In Your Car... or

Wherever You Roam!"

Some of the albums described:

*The Quadsmen,

Student Union. "Sophomore effort from these fresh men. 16 punkin',

pukin' classics including 'Phi Kappa Whatever,' 'Pass/Fail' and 'Somethin'

About a Keg.' "

* The Electric Tie Rack, Anyone For Paisley?. "A

musical approach to pop and rock as fresh as Wendy Carlos's in the classical

area with Switched On Bach. Melody, music and 'good vibes.' Includes

'Bow-Tie Daddy,' 'Knot Given Lightly,' more."

* The Condo Fucks, Movin'

In. "Punk-rock smashingly paraded as only New London's bad boys can.

'Government Problem,' 'Fuckin' Gary Sandy,' 12 more. Check out: Straight

Outta Connecticut, For Squatters Only, Condo Fucks City Rockers

EP ."

*Original cast, Heroin!. "All the show stoppers from

Broadway's sleeper hit musical: 'On the Street Where You Score,' 'I've Got the

Horse Right Here,' 'Who Will Buy This Wonderful Redrum,' 'I've Got You Under My

Skin,' 'A Spoonful of Sugar' and so much more."