You Say It's Your Birthday: Filter's Richard Patrick

Today is the birthday of Filter vocalist and keyboardist

Richard Patrick, who was born in 1968. Filter found a measure of success in

1995 with their hard-edged, occasionally electronic, sound, and produced a hit

single in "Hey Man Nice Shot."

Patrick, who was in a touring version of

Nine Inch Nails, began recording songs in his parents' Cleveland basement

(Richard's brother is the liquid-metal star of the film Terminator 2)

when he met up with Brian Liesegang, who'd been majoring in philosophy at a

Chicago university before becoming the duo's man-of-all-trades on keyboards,

guitars and drums. Bassist Frank Cavanaugh and drummer Matt Walker completed

the lineup. They recorded their debut, Short Bus in 1994; the album's

title was meant as a nod to the notion that there is much to learn from the

differently abled.

Filter became MTV darlings in 1995 as "Hey Man Nice

Shot" rocketed up the charts; it fit in nicely between neo-industrial bands

like Tool and Gravity Kills. There was some rumor of a disagreement between the

band and Nine Inch Nails, after Patrick played an impromptu gig with NIN, but

it quickly blew over. The band was considering recording some music for Sony

Playstation games, contributed a track to the In the Key of X "X-Files"

album, and has been working on a new album. (Walker went on the road as the

Smashing Pumpkins' touring drummer last year, replacing Jimmy Chamberlain, and

it's not clear if he will continue to work with Filter.)

Other birthdays:

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