Joey Ramone's Birthday Bash

"I'm ageless," says Ramone. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) may have been

able to snag Van Halen for his big party, but what kind of talent can a living

legend like Joey Ramone round up for a birthday bash? "It'll be where all the

cool people are," the ex-Ramone singer told ATN about his May 19th birthday

party at the Continental Club in New York's East Village.

"Everybody you'd

want to hang out with will be there," said Ramone, who, like an aging film diva

refused to cough up how many candles will be on the cake. "I'm ageless," he

chuckled, "and I don't remember."

Among the downtown punk notables slated

to perform are Joey's ex-foil, Dee Dee Ramone, who will play five songs with

the birthday boy, including the one they collaborated on for Dee Dee's new

album, Bad Horoscope.

Also performing: the Dictators, 22 Jacks,

Furious George, the Prissteenes, the Independents, Jesse Malin of D-Generation

and friends, the Independents, Tedio-Boys (Portugal) and the Waldos.


will join many of the bands and promised some spirited runs through the

Dictators' covers of "California Sun" and "The Kids are Alright," plus some

Ramones covers with the Independents.

This is the second time Joey's pals

at the Continental have feted the lanky singer. A few years ago the Dictators

and Wild Kingdom played some tunes in his honor and Blondie singer Debbie Harry

did her best Marilyn Monroe imitation singing "Happy Birthday" while presenting

Ramone with a cake.

Get there early, though. The open bar only lasts for

an hour and a half, and with this crowd, that's probably an hour too