Phish Use Net To Solicit Fans' Advice

Leave it to those clever Phish dudes to use the Net to gather suggestions from their fans.

The members of

Phish are nothing if not democratic. Always in touch with the fierce devotion

of their fans, the group recently sent out feelers to Phisheads asking them

what they might like to see on a possible Phish live set (very) tentatively

slated for release later this year.

Much as they did for their last live

effort, 1995's A Live One, when the group harvested hundreds of on-line

suggestions from fans about possible songs/sets for inclusion on that album, a

set of questions surfaced a few weeks ago under the subject heading "Your Input


The questionnaire included the following requests:


there has been some conjecture amongst Phish on the topic of:

"If there

were to be another live album (CD), what should be on it? [Singer/guitarist]

Trey [Anastasio] thought it would be a good idea to ask the 'net; and so we


"We'd mainly like to know:

"Would an album consisting of a single

show be better (and if so, which show?)


"Would it be better to put

together a few chunks of shows (which ones?)


"Would it be best to

select the most interesting performances of a variety of songs, all from

different shows? (again, suggestions are welcome)

"Is there a particular

time period you're most interested in hearing - something old - something new -

something in-between? Could such a project be satisfying if it were a single

CD, rather than a 2-CD set? Are there any other approaches that you'd like to

suggest? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!"

A source close to the band told

ATN the questions were posted to the Phish mailing list and the Phish newsgroup

two weeks ago as a result of the band's desire to gauge interest in a possible

new live album. "They've been thinking about releasing something recently

because of the demand for it and also because they've been psyched about their

shows recently," said our source.

However, even though this is the second

time the band have taken this unorthodox route to solicit their fans' advice,

the source cautioned that the questions are not meant to "give the fans exactly

what they want no matter what, but to see if the fans have some ideas that

strike a chord with the band."

Several thousand responses have already

flooded the Phish offices, where staffers were careful to stress that this was

just "an informal discussion to get fans' thoughts."

If you want to check

out what some of the most popular requests are, or are interested in adding

your two cents, check out a Phish fan-run newsgroup called Rosemary's Digest.

Tickets for Phish's next great summer event (the un-sequel to last

summer's massive Clifford's Ball), called The Great Went, to be held at the

Loring Air Force Base in Limestone, Maine (August 16 and 17) will go on sale

Friday, May 16.