King Coffey To Unleash The Kahanek Incident

Butthole Surfer King Coffey's first Trance Syndicate Records 12 inch out soon.

The Kahanek Incident (May 20) is the name of the first in a

promised series of remix twelve-inches from Trance Syndicate Records. Back in

January, ATN talked to the label's founder, Butthole Surfers' drummer King

Coffey, and he told us what he had in mind was "two bands swap tapes and remix

each other's songs." Just that simple. Coffey also told us what intrigued him

about the idea was how it had the potential to "cross the line between what's

your music and what's somebody else's."

The first two bands on deck for

the experiment are Coffey's own side project, Drain, and the Trance Syndicate

band Windsor for the Derby. Like Coffey promised, "It's cool, because the Drain

song is almost completely obscured and deconstructed, so you can't even really

tell what the original was like, which is what I wanted."

The Windsorites

have taken the Drain song "Marrakesh: 3 A.M." and stripped it bare, leaving

only a three-minute intro of a high-pitched ambient squeal, followed by a

submerged, backwards-masked-sounding guitar and vaguely world music beat. The

warped, eerie track pulses with what sounds like more backwards masking, of

marimbas (we think), which are eventually taken over by a droning, pulsing hum

that loops as if it's coming from an instrument switched on and left to its own


The Drain remixes of Windsor for the Derby's "Exposito," are even

more twisted. The first remix, the "Enfield mix," also makes use of dog whistle

high squeals and whistles, laid over a clattering hip-hop/tribal beat. Coffey

manages to make the song sound both more technological and cold, while layering

it with three (or more) different warm beats that give it a menacing feel. The

more spacy "Exposition Mix" glides in on a set of steely waves of sound,

rippling tape hiss and electronic echo, only to be taken over by an infectious

electro funk beat. For a few minutes there, the "Egyptian Lover"-sounding snap

tempo combined with the metal wire echo effects wouldn't sound out of place at

a goth club, especially with the jungly breakdown and electronic seagull

fade-out at the end.

Next up on the tape-switching front: Trance Syndicate

band Furry Things and the Electric Company on June 10.