Possible Sunny Day Real Estate Studio Reunion

Former Sunny Day Real Estate guitarist Jeremy Enigk.

Seattle punk semi-legends Sunny Day Real Estate have discussed

regrouping in June to record three or four new songs for a compilation album,

but no one in the group has considered getting back together permanently,

according to the band's record label Sub Pop. Rumors regarding such a reunion

have abounded in the past week. Sub Pop spokeswoman Cece Stelljes confirmed

that Greg Williamson, the band's former soundman and the producer/manager of

SDRE guitarist Jeremy Enigk, has spoken with band members about recording again

next month. Williamson is currently compiling an album of Sunny Day alternate

takes and rarities.

Band members have "left the option open for Sunny Day

to get together and record three to four new songs to put on that compilation,"

Stelljes told ATN. "Greg suggested it to them and said, 'You could come in and

record it with me, that'd be cool.' So they've been talking about doing that,

and it sounds like they're going to do that in June. But that's all that

they've talked about, and from that, rumors have grown."

Stelljes cautioned

that the band has been unable to contact former bassist Nate Mendel, who is

currently occupied in Europe with Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters. Grohl originally

recruited both Mendel and SDRE drummer William Goldsmith for the touring

version of the Foos. Both musicians appear on that band's upcoming album,

The Colour And The Shape, but Goldsmith left the group in February amid

what a source close to the drummer called "tender circumstances."


the forthcoming compilation album is thus far untitled, Stelljes said the label

is referring to it as Odds & Ends. Slated for September release, the

disc will include such hard to find items as tracks from a single that Sunny

Day recorded for the fan club of the artist Pushead. According to Sub Pop, the

short lived Sunny Day Real Estate has the most loyal following of any act on

the label. Once word leaked out about the new tracks, rumor mills on both the

band's and the label's Internet listserv groups began churning


Sunny Day's two albums, Diary (1994) and Sunny Day

Real Estate (1995), are considered hallmarks of the confessional punk

subgenre known as emo-core. Intentionally or not, the members of SDRE

cultivated an air of mystery about their band by refusing to do interviews and

eschewing any touring in California.

Enigk anticipated the group's break up

with a 1994 posting to the SDRE listserv group, in which he professed his

devotion to Christianity and questioned whether the band would continue if

religion was to be his primary artistic focus. Last year he released his first

solo album, a delicate orchestral work called Return Of The Frog