Alec Empire Remixes Buffalo Daughter Track

Buffalo Daughter performing in Tokyo last year. Photo by Brian Kushnir.

Buffalo Daughter, one of the cooler bands signed to the Beastie

Boys' Grand Royal label (which is saying a lot), will release a remix EP on

June 10 called Socks, Drugs and Rock and Roll .

The 6 song EP is

comprised of songs from the band's moog pop noise 1996 debut, Captain Vapour

Athletes, and features a remix of "Dr. Moooog," by Atari Teenage Riot

leader Alec Empire, B-Boys keyboardist Keyboard "Money" Mark laying his hands

on "Big Wednesday," DJ collective U.N.K.L.E. re-arranging "LI303VE" and Stock,

Hausen and Walkman remixing the non-album track "Daisy." That same track is

also revived by 25 Ton, otherwise known as Alex Young and the band does their

own reorganization of the album track "Silver Turkey."

The artwork on the

CD was compiled by none other than Mike Mills, graphic designer extraordinaire

and member of Grand Royal sister band Butter 08. BD are tentatively scheduled

to release a still-untitled new album in September.