Teenage Fanclub Pair WIth Ex-Byrd

Ready to perform with one of their heroes next month.

With a new album titled Songs From Northern Britain due this summer that

we're told sounds "very Byrds-ish," it's only appropriate then that the Fanclub

will serve as one-time Byrds leader Roger McGuinn's backing band on two Glasgow

club dates in early June.

But don't jump to any conclusions. "The promoter

put all that together," said Camilla McGuinn, wife and manager of Roger

McGuinn. "It wasn't like we heard their music and said, 'Wow, let's do it!' I

wish I could say it was that wonderful."

The performances will revolve

around McGuinn's most recent album, the autobiographical Live From


The new Fanclub album is characterized as "very Americana,"

according to a source who has heard it., comparing the album to work by Wilco.

"It's a very summery, very poppy, melodic record."

Teenage Fanclub have

always had a liking for country-rock. 1995's Grand Prix drew Byrds

comparisons, while its predecessor Thirteen (1993) included an

instrumental named after the Byrds' Gene Clark. Prior to that, the group

covered Gram Parsons' (Flying Burrito Brothers, Byrds) "Older


Songs From Northern Britain is slated for release in late

July or early August. Included on the 12-song album are: "Start Again," "Ain't

That Enough," "I Can't Feel My Soul," "I Don't Want Control Of You," "Planets,"

"It's A Bad World," "Take The Long Way 'Round," "Winter," "I Don't Care,"

"Mount Everest," "Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From," and "Speed Of