Woodstock Site To Feature Performing Arts Center

Enough is enough already. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

In light of the failed marketing blitz behind Woodstock II, is it even possible

anymore to sell-out the once-idealistic hippie happening? Alan Gerry seems to

think so. The Bethel, New York resident, founder of the private investment

company Granite Associated, L.P., recently bought the 40-acre field that housed

the Summer of Love festival, in addition to 1,000 additional acres in the

surrounding area according to an Associated Press story this week.

Gerry, who expressed the popular myth that "the magic that created

Woodstock remains a very special part of our nation's heritage," announced

plans on Wednesday (April 23) to erect a year-round performing arts center on

the site.

Gerry referred to his acquisition as a "worldwide known

destination point" that has remained a touchstone nearly thirty years after the

1969 festival. Although the former cable television mogul said he has no

immediate plan for the land, skeptics were quick to defend the sacred spot.

Abigail Storm of the Woodstock Nation Foundation, a group founded last

year with the mission of securing and maintaining the land, said "that 38 acres

has become like a church to many people from around the world. We want people

to be able to come here and express themselves. We hope that they will be able

to pray in their very own way and not have to pay."

Does the phrase "let

it go" mean anything to these people?