Compilation Album Coming From XTC

Andy Partridge has this little problem with performing live...

Talk about your untenable situations. Not only have XTC been unable to tour for

over a decade due to singer/songwriter Andy Partridge's crippling stage fright,

but they've also been barred from releasing any new material since 1992's

Nonsuch due to a protracted contractual battle with their international

label, Virgin Records.

So, as a sort of stop-gap peace offering to fans,

their U.S. label, Geffen, is releasing a 19-track greatest-hits compilation

called Upsy Daisy Assortment (The Sweetest Hits) on June 3.


album contains all the classic oddball anthems you'd expect: "Life Begins at

the Hop," "Making Plans for Nigel," "Generals & Majors," "Senses Working

Overtime," "Grass," "Dear God," "Earn Enough for Us," "The Mayor Of Simpleton,"

and "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead," plus some less radio-friendly fodder,

like: ""Respectable Street," "Ball and Chain," "No Thugs in Our House," "Love

on a Farmboy's Wages," "This World Over," "Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss

Her..." and "Chalkhills and Children." Other songs on the collection include:

"Funk Pop A Roll," "King for a Day" and "The Disappointed."

According to a

source at Geffen, the band has recently freed itself from their Virgin contract

and are in negotiations with a number of labels to release the multiple albums

they recorded during the limbo years.