The Revived Who Beg The Question, Who Cares?

Back when they mattered.

The Who, who we thought had retired the last time they retired

(the tenth time, right?), are un-retiring again to take their oldies show on

the road.

The group, filled-out by son-of-Ringo, Zak Starkey, on drums

(they got the idea from a "Saturday Night Live" skit, right?) will begin their

latest jaunt with a three-week European tour in May.

That cobwebs-clearing

jaunt will be followed by a 20-date U.S. tour that kicks off on July 19 in St.

Louis, covering mainly midwestern and East Coast venues, including many of the

cities deprived of the full Quadrophenia experience of last year's tour.

The cleverly-titled jaunt, "The Who Live In Concert," features core Who

members Pete Townshend, singer Roger Daltry and bassist John Entwistle doing a

full performance of the Quadrophenia rock opera, plus a set where the

band "reach deeply into their peerless catalog of hits, covering every phase of

their storied thirty-year career," according to a press release. Wonder if

they'll play "Won't Get Fooled Again"?

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