ATN Tribute Sunday: New Wave Redux

Hey, "Whip It" remains a classic. OK, we admit this album isn't exactly a tribute (you know, bands covering another artist's songs), but then, in its own way, it does pay tribute to those glorious '80s.

It's like Valley Girl all over! For those of

you who lived your teens in the '80s, Rhino Records new compilation, VH1:

More of the Big 80's (June 24) is like a soundtrack to your adolescence.

Although we're confused as to why it carries the VH1 tag, since most of

these songs came with the videos that made MTV famous, the 16-track album, the

second in a series, is just what the "Doctor, Doctor" ordered for the

recommended yearly allowance of Toni Basil, Wang Chung and the Tubes.


the songs included on the collection are: "Mickey" (Toni Basil), "Come On

Eileen" (Dexy's Midnight Runners), "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" (Wang Chung),

"Tuff Enuff" (The Fabulous Thunderbirds), "Doctor! Doctor!" (Thompson Twins),

"I Ran (So Far Away)" (A Flock Of Seagulls), "Stray Cat Strut" (Stray Cats),

"Der Kommissar" (After The Fire), "Obsession" (Animotion), "Whip It" (Devo),

"Major Tom (Coming Home)" (Peter Schilling), "What I Like About You" (The

Romantics), "They Don't Know" (Tracy Ullman), "Words" (Missing Persons) and

"She's A Beauty" (The Tubes).

And, as a real bonus to all bi-level

haircut, wristband-wearing, Flashdance sweatshirt geeks out there, the song

"Cry," by video producers Godley & Creme, who's video was a precursor to

morphing, makes its CD debut on this collection.