Cryptic Writings Coming Soon From Megadeth

rather look at a picture of some groady old metal dudes, or these babes?

Megadeth's new album is called Cryptic Writings (June 17). It was

recorded in Nashville. It was produced by Dann Huff of the band Giant. We are

falling asleep. Hold on, we're gonna go get a cup of coffee...



Anyway, this is the eighth album from the band, which features

Dave Mustaine (guitar/vocals), Marty Friedman (lead guitar), Dave Ellefson

(bass) and Nick Menza (drums).

We haven't actually heard the album yet.

And, in fact, it's not likely that we'll ever actually listen to it. Well,

that's not really true. Certainly someone affiliated with ATN will listen to

it. Someone might even review it. It just won't be Mr. Flack.

But I

digress. The song "Trust" is bolstered by a string section. "Use The Man" is an

acoustic number. "The Disintegraters" and "FFF" are full of the "monstrous

thrash" fans have come to expect, and reflect the "lightning-speed, chops-heavy

style they are so widely recognized for," according to a press release that

most of this so-called "story" is based on. Other titles from the 12-song album

are: "Trust," "She-Wolf," "Vortex" and "I'll Get Even." Now we can get back to

watching "The Grind."