Radio ATN: In The Lab With Pavement

Cool dudes.

We were wandering the streets of San Francisco recently,

minding our own business, when two members of Pavement, some guy who calls

himself Spiral Stairs (Spiral Stairs?!) and the mysterious S.M. grabbed us,

dragged us into a cafe and made us interview them. If you believe that, we got

a bridge we can sell you--cheap. But we did talk to the guys. Yeah, they were

cool. You can hear it for yourself, actually. Just head over to "Radio ATN" for

our hour long audio feature on Pavement. Hear them talk about all kinds of

stuff, ranging from why the band is called Pavement to what they think of

critics who say their latest album sounds like their old albums. Of just skip

it and be a glue sniffin' loser. Hey, they're only one of the most important

bands of the '90s.


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