You Say It's Your Birthday: Radiohead's Ed O'Brien

Today is the birthday of Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien,

who, along with vocalist Thom E.Yorke, Johnny and Colin Greenwood and Phil

Selway, found a niche during the grunge period with their angst-ridden

top-forty hit "Creep," awash in noisy guitars and Yorke's mellifluous, pained

vocals. The group debuted in 1993 with Pablo Honey, which revealed their

British wit as well as their skill as musicians, evidenced in "Creep," and even

more caustic tunes like "Anyone Can Play Guitar" and the

pro-truth-in-legislation "Blow Out."

The group returned in 1995 with The

Bends, heightening their success with singles for the crooning "Fake

Plastic Trees" and "High and Dry." O'Brien, whose guitars were heavy on

Honey, explored different elements of fragility and moodiness with his

instrument on The Bends. The group is expected to release a new album,

OK Computer, later this year.

Other birthdays: Jim E. Valentin

(Poster Children) Phil Mogg (UFO), Allan Clark (The Hollies), Dave Edmunds,

Nick Kamen, Greame Clark (Wet Wet Wet), Samantha Fox and Bessie Smith. -- Beth