Future Sound of London Remixes

Cover art from the Dead Cities album.

When is a remix EP more than a remix EP? How about when it features nine

different versions of the same song over 48 minutes?

The Future Sound of

London were apparently not content to merely throw a few remixes of their song

"We Have Explosive" onto an EP with a couple of new tunes to spice it up. No,

for the first time since their first single, "Papua New Guinea," the band asked

outside remixers to come in and fuck shit up for a nearly one-hour continuous

journey that takes the very thinnest thread of the song and re-invents it as

ambient, dub, trance, hard hip-hop and any other techno splinter you can think


Oil (Leon Mar), the first signing to their new label, EbV, does an

appropriately funky and slap-bass driven "Oil Funk Remix," a jazzy, dreamy,

snare-fueled "Oil Dub" remix, and, under his own name, a gloomy drum and bass


Curtis Mantronik, part of old school hip-hop heroes Mantronix,

gives it the "Mantronik Plastic Formula #1" gloss with a sirens-wailing, go-go

beat, Run-DMC quoting jam, and one version "We Have Explosive (Pt. 3)" loops a

sample for a Fats Comet record ("Rockchester"), which features the funky work

of original Sugar Hill Records house band members Keith LeBlanc and Doug

Wimbish. We just hope this doesn't give Billy Corgan any bright ideas.