Fugazi Back In Action

In the studio.

Fugazi have entered the studio and begun work on their next album,

the follow-up to 1995's Red Medicine, according to a spokesperson at

Dischord Records.

This is the first time the group has been in a studio

since singer and guitarist Ian MacKaye experienced serious health problems last


MacKaye's illness, which set in while the band was on tour in

Australia, has never been diagnosed. Doctors at first thought he had contracted

pneumonia. When one of the singer's lungs stopped working due to pressure

around it, doctors were forced to operate, but didn't find an


After a several month break, Fugazi is now planning for a brief

series of north east shows in early May "as a test, to see how Ian is," said

the Dischord spokesperson. "He wants to stretch out his lungs. This isn't a

full tour. They're just hitting the road to see how they feel."


by the post-punk pioneers is taking place at Washington, D.C. studio. Tracks

are so far only in the preliminary stages. No vocals have yet been laid down.

According to the label, however, Fugazi is happy with the new songs, which

they'll road test during the May mini-tour. Whether the new material will end

up on the next album has not yet been determined.