X To Get Compilation Treatment

These two classic albums, reissued on one CD a few years back, define L. A. punk rock. Tracks from both of them will be part of the upcoming X anthology.

The old crew of L.A.'s seminal punk band, X, will be getting together one more

time. Thankfully, though, it's not for one of those summer package tours, but

for an odds and sods compilation. Before the year is out (October at the

earliest), a double-disc set called Beyond and Back: An X Anthology

comprised of demos, rehearsal tapes, unreleased live stuff, classic tracks and

b-sides and at least three songs apiece from the band's first four records,

will hit shelves.

A source at Elektra Records promised that "there will be

enough on there for everyone, from people who might not have been exposed to

them the first time around for which it'll sort of be a primer for new fans, to

fans who might find stuff they've never heard before."

All former members

of the band are participating in some fashion, including drummer D.J.

Bonebrake, guitarist Billy Zoom, one-time member Dave Alvin (Blasters) and, of

course, X co-leaders Exene Cervenkova and John Doe, who are helping to compile

and arrange the 25-plus songs.

The cover will "feature Exene and her great

artwork," according to our source. Meanwhile, look for a cameo from Exene in

the song "Four Leaf Clover" on Too Far to Care, the major-label debut

from country retro fetishists the Old 97's.