Final Throwing Muses' Shows

The end is coming very soon.

The Throwing Muses continue their farewell tour with a

final spate of dates that may well be the swan song for the band, who announced

their temporary break-up a few months ago.

The eight-date tour will mark

the end of a long, strange 13-year trip for the group, co-founded by Kristin

Hersh and step-sister Tanya Donelly (who went on to front Belly) back in 1984.

Hersh recently posted a letter on the band's home page that said the band were

not "burning any bridges or slamming shut any doors," although a source at

their label suggested real fans shouldn't miss these shows (nudge, nudge).

Hersh plans to re-release the band's first, self-titled album, until now

available almost exclusively as a rare import, bundled with the rare EP

Chains Changed, in mid-1998. Following this tour Hersh will concentrate

on a new solo album for January of 1998.

Final Throwing Muses Tour


April 13; Detroit, MI; 7th House

April 16; Seattle, WA;


April 17; Portland, OR; Berbatis Pan

April 19; San Francisco,

CA; Slim's