You Are Not Invited To The Oasis Wedding

He tied the knot. Finally. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

"You are cordially Not Invited to attend the hush, hush

wedding of Liam 'Gobber' Gallagher and Patsy 'Kensy' Kensit at the Marylebone

Registry Office in London on the morning of Monday, April 7.


photogs and bastards of the press are politely requested to 'FUCK OFF THIS


"The bride and groom would like to thank those same tossers for

ruining last month's (February 10) plans and as far as the honeymoon...oh, fuck

off already. This is Liam's first stab at marriage, Patsy's third.


and Patsy"

[Thanks to the British radio wire service, the Source, for

contributing to this story.]