Fugees Heading For Haiti

Fugees performing at last summer's Tibetan Freedom Concert. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Conscious rappers The Fugees are scheduled to headline a

concert in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on April 12 to raise money for Haitian

refugees recently repatriated from the Dominican Republic.

The group,

whose name is short for Refugees and whose members are Haitian-rooted, will

perform in front of the mayor's office in the capital, according to

Reuters. The concert will be aired internationally on MTV and the hope

is that it will raise international awareness of Haitian culture, specifically

the Creole language, spoken by the majority of Haitians.

The concert is to

benefit the thousands of Haitians expelled from the Dominican Republic after

they crossed the border looking for work in that neighboring country in an

effort to escape the economic adversity in Haiti, the poorest nation in the

Western Hemisphere. At least three songs on an upcoming album that will be

credited to the Refugee All-Stars (Fugees' rapper/guitarist/songwriter

Wycleff's solo project) will contain songs performed in Creole by a variety of

Haitian artists.