Learn Secrets Of Electronica!! Impress Your Friends!! Get Rich!!

Yep, you can impress your friends by referring to Garbage as a techno band.

Are you like my friend Shawn? You really want to get into this

whole techno/drum-and-bass/electronica thing, but just don't know where to

start? Well, help has arrived courtesy of Plastic, (March 25) a

compilation of the hottest boomin' tracks from some of today's biggest stars.

Expand your mind. Dig Underworld ("Pearl's Girl"), two hard-to-get Sarah

McLachlan dance-floor remixes (one of the track "Possession" by Rabbit in the

Moon, and another of the song "Fear") plus tracks by Garbage ("Queer"), a

previously unreleased cut from Meat Beat Manifesto ("She's Unreal"), The

Chemical Brothers ("Loops of Fury"), The Crystal Method ("More"). And there's

more. Previously unreleased tracks from a few newer acts like Sully

("Anotherd") and Propellerheads ("Take California").

So, come on, put down

that flannel shirt and find a funny hat, it's techno time!