This Barrio Rap Thing

Rhino Records: making tax day fun!

Outside of major cities with sizeable Hispanic populations,

Latino hip-hop is about as rare as a Marilyn Manson show in Oklahoma City. But

all that will change again on April 15 when Rhino Records, in conjunction with

L.A.-based Skanless Records, releases Latin Lingo: Hip-Hop From La Raza,

Vol. 2 a 12-track collection of recent hip-hop jams that were hits in

Latino communities across the nation, plus three new, previously unreleased

efforts. Interestingly, not all the songs are from Latino artists, but rather

by rappers of both Anglo and Hispanic backgrounds whose music is popular in

Latino communities.

Some of the tracks on the compilation include the big

ole' hit "Knockin' Boots" by Candyman, "Ditty" (Paper Boy), "Lowrider (On The

Boulevard)" (Latin Alliance featuring War), "Sitting In The Park" (Hi-C

featuring Tony A), "Left Side" (Sir Devoe), "Te Quiero" (Mr. Lyrik), and two

Proper Dos joints, "Firme Hina" and "Geto Baseball." The three new tracks are

from Denay ("Two For The Time"), Krazy Dee ("Manos Arriba!") and another Proper

Dos track ("On & On").

The first volume in this series was released in 1995

with tracks from Proper Dos, Kid Frost, Mellow Man Ace, A Lighter Shade of

Brown (and War).