Music For The Aural Gourmand

When I'm Hungry, I Eat: of course!

People eat food and people listen to music. So why not a compilation

featuring people singing songs about eating food? I mean, musicians gotta eat

too and so, Minneapolis, Minnesota's Gourmandizer 'zine has whipped up

When I'm Hungry, I Eat: Songs About Food, a 31-track assault on the

gastrointestinal system via the eardrums with songs about everything from

"Mom's Apple Pie" (Jeffersons) to "Sacred Bean Dip Polka?" (The Whistling Tin

Heads) and "Sheepy Nice Horse Meat" (Better Off Airport). Oh don't worry,

there's a few tracks from bands you know and love also, like Low's typically

mournful tale of "Peanut Butter Toast and American Bandstand", Wckr Spgt's very

Ween-like "Donut Man", Sukpatch's "Gods of Warm Moisture", Saucer's

"SteakhaFCs" and Land of the Loops' "Hard-Boiled Egg."

Editor Gearik

German, who founded the 'zine in 1993, says the topic of his obsession is very

simply explained. "I wanted to do a 'zine about music, but there were so many

already, so I decided to interview musicians about food. What food they like,

recipes, anything related to food really." Some highlights from the magazine

include interviews with Shannon Selberg of the Cows, who talked about a raccoon

he killed and then ate for fun because he felt guilty and a recipe from Mission

of Burma's Clint Conelly for a customized hot-dog creation that explodes into

odd shapes when cooked. The original plans were to include a tape with one of

the issues (there have been three since 1993, although now the project has

basically morphed into a website), but when German got some big name bands

involved (Low, the Coctails), he decided to go the CD route.


appetizing tracks you might want to sample: Phone Job ("Food Smut"), Meringue

("Brunswick Stew"), Kitty Craft ("I'm Chocolate, You're Oatmeal"), Balloon Guy

("Food Pyramid"), Paper Tiara ("Sunned Creamed Domed") and The Coctails

("Pedigree-Small Crunchy Bits"). All tracks are exclusive to the collection and

most were written especially for it.