Fountains Of Wayne Rock Amsterdam

They were no slouches in Holland.

Some come for the tulips, others come for the grass, but I was in

Amsterdam because they have an excellent airport and really cheap flights to

New York. Going no place in particular on Sunday, I passed the Melkweg (Milky

Way), a venerable concert hall fashioned out of an old milk factory in the

heart of the city.

Lots of jazz fusion and world music on the schedule, but

wait, what's this? "9 March, Special Show: Fountains of Wayne." Hey, don't they

have that single "Radiation Vibe" on the radio and MTV back in America? I

stopped by the box office, paid my 15 guilders ($8.00). What's to lose? In this

country, CD singles cost more than most live shows.

MelkwegÕs reputation is

bigger than the hall itself. Simply put, it is THE place for live music in

Amsterdam, even though it fits only a few hundred people at most. The schedule

is always full of acts that are huge at home but unknown in the lowlands, so on

the right weekend you can walk in at showtime and wiggle your way right down to

the front.

The French push. The English pogo. But the Dutch just kind of

stand there, not letting on to anyone that they're having the time of their

lives. No need for big-bellied sentries to guard the performers here. Made a

left, faked to the right, and in seconds I was leaning on the stage looking up

at the spot where Fountains of Wayne guitarist Jody Porter would take his

place. The mic at center stage was for singer/guitarist Chris Collingwood, and

on the right was the marker on the floor for bass player Adam


Four taps from drummer Brian Young and the band launches into

"Joe Rey..."