The Wiz Revisited

Snoop: Walking a mile in Michael's shoes?

We want to believe this story, but it just seems too

silly. The Hollywood Reporter reported this week that a remake of The

Wiz is in the works, and you won't believe whose being mentioned to take

the places of the original movie's stars. According to the story, Snoop Doggy

Dogg is being touted for the scarecrow role popularized by Michael Jackson,

Warren G. stepping into Nipsey Russell's shoes as the Tin Man, Queen Latifah

vamping as the Wicked Witch of the West and Heavy D. working the Cowardly Lion

role. No names have been mentioned for the role of Dorothy or the Wizard, but

might we suggest the Fugees' Lauryn Hill in Diana Ross' role and Biz Markie as

the imperial smoke-and-mirrors man? Video director Paul Hunter is on track to

direct a script by Mark Brown (How to Be a Player) whose working on a

screenplay based on the original source material in L. Frank Baum Jr.'s novel.

Given that Snoop has expressed interest in working with everyone from Marilyn

Manson to NIN and Beck lately and none of the names mentioned has signed any

contract yet, we recommend you take this story with a shaker of salt.