You Say It's Your Birthday: Ex-Suicidal Tendencies' Singer Mike Muir

Also the birthday of the Holy Barbarians' Scott Garrett.

Today is the birthday of former Suicidal Tendencies

vocalist Mike Muir. Formed in the early 1980s in Venice, California, Suicidal

Tendencies welded punk and thrash with rap, practically inventing the style now

known as skate-punk. The band's first record, Suicidal Tendencies, was

released in 1983 and featured the classic "Institutionalized," a teen-something

outlook on the oppressive nature of parents, schools and society. With Join

the Army and especially 1988's How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't

Even Smile Today? the Tendencies worked in more metal-oriented influences,

as evidenced in the title track to How Will... and "Trip to the Brain."

The group continued to gain popularity, and Lights... Camera...

Revolution! was a big hit, returning Suicidal Tendencies to the strength of

its debut and scoring a hit with "You Can't Bring Me Down." Muir's power as a

vocalist was never stronger than on 1992's The Art of Rebellion; that

album included some spoken-word segments as well as the usual hard-hitting rock

songs. The group broke up in 1995, but Muir was reportedly recording a solo

album with former Sex Pistol Steve Jones.

Other birthdays: Scott Garrett

(Holy Barbarians), Phil Phillips, Quincy Jones, Walter Parazaider (Chicago),

Jim Pons (The Turtles), Boon Gould (Level 42) and Steve Lambert (Roman

Holiday). -- Beth Winegarner