John Squire's Seahorses Complete Album

John Squire used to play guitar and write songs in the band pictured here. They were called the Stone Roses.

Addicted To Noise

staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: Former Stone Roses guitarist John

Squire's new band will be called The Seahorses (despite the NME's

revelation that it's an anagram for "he hates roses" and the fact that another

band claimed they had the name first) and their debut will be released on May

20, according to a source at their label, Geffen Records.

Called Do It

Yourself, the album was recorded in an L.A. studio with producer Tony

Visconti (David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Wings) over the past three months, and, as

reported earlier in ATN, will feature a track Squire co-wrote with Liam

Gallagher of Oasis called "Love Me and Leave Me."

The band recorded 15

songs during the sessions, including "Blinded by the Sun," "Love is the Law,"

"I Want You To Know," "Happiness is Egg-Shaped" and "Sale of the Century,"

although the final tracking hasn't been decided yet. The Seahorses will feature

Squire on guitar, singer Chris Helme (who penned "Blinded by the Sun,") bassist

Stuart Fletcher and drummer Andy Watts.

This is Squire's first full-length

effort following his decampment from Stone Roses in the wake of their

ill-received second album (six years in the making), 1995's Second