U2 Top Album Chart; 349,000 Units Sold

PopMart campaign seems to be working.

As expected, U2's stunning new album, Pop, debuts

this week on the Billboard Top 200 album chart at #1, with U. S. sales

of about 349,000 during the week ended March 9 according to


While sales of over a third of a million copies on an

album in a one week period is substantial, it's a far cry from the 950,000

copies of Pearl Jam's 1993 album Vs. that moved out of record stores the

first week that album was available.

Meanwhile, country-something LeAnn

Rimes' Unchained Melody - The Early Years made a disturbing move into

the #2 position; Celine Dion's Falling Into You inched up to #3; Jewel's

Pieces of You reached #4; No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom held its #5


As for that pretender who looks like Joey Ramone (and who seems

to have an entire music video channel devoted to his every move), the

soundtrack to his biopic, Private parts dropped from #1 to #11.