Ozzy Guitarist Quits

Reforming Black Sabbath. Interesting...

ATN has learned that guitarist Joe Holmes is leaving Ozzy

Osbourne's band. Sure, not really big news since Osbourne has seen a parade of

ax-slingers (Randy Rhoads, Brad Gillis, Zakk Wylde) come and go over the years,

but Holmes' reasons for leaving are certainly the most unique.


to a source at the Ozzsters label, Holmes' official reason for quitting is due

to his new status as a "born again Catholic." That's right, Catholic. And while

we'd never heard of such a thing, the source said that's what Holmes, who

studied under Rhodes, meant, and furthermore, the reason he couldn't continue

in his capacity was because he didn't wish to be "associated with Ozzy because

of his reputation."

We can only assume they meant his reputation as the

Sugar Ray Leonard of rock. Oh yeah, historians among you may be interested in

this summer's OzzFest, which will feature a Black Sabbath reunion. We kid you