Throwing Muses Planning "Break"


Following their April tour dates, the Throwing Muses plan

to take a break to "examine other options," according to a statement from them

posted on their web site. The group explained that "they are not burning any

bridges or slamming shut any doors" but that they have "scraped by for a long

time doing something they love, for and with people they love." The time has

come for the three members to seriously access whether they want to continue

the band.

Meanwhile, leader Kristin Hirsh will have a second solo album

out next January, and the two early Throwing Muses releases--Throwing

Muses (1986) and Chains Changed (1987)--will be reissued next year

as well.

The Throwing Muses formed in 1983, led by Hirsh and her

half-sister, Tanya Donelly (who went on to lead Belly, before going solo last

year). The group released seven albums, including last year's excellent


"Please don't think the Muses are 'breaking up' per se," the

Muses said in their statement. "It's important to all of them that you all know

they'd do this for free if they could...but that's a big "if"... We are so

grateful to all of you for your caring and commitment to the Muses all these

years...There are a lot of records to go back and enjoy, and a lot of years to

think about...Much Love, Throwing Muses"