Faith No More Return To Form

Yeah, we know this photo includes one of the old guitarists. Wanna fight about it?

Faith No More seemed to be on the ropes the last time we heard from them in

1995. They had just released the uneven King for a Day, Fool For a

Lifetime, their first album following the departure of guitarist Jim Martin

and the result was some fairly uninspired metallic playing by fill-in guitarist

Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle).

Now Faith No More is back again, with another

new guitarist, a friend of the band named John Hudson, and an album

optimistically titled Album of the Year (due June 3).

The 15-song

effort was recorded at bass player Billy Gould's home studio in San Francisco

over the past few months, and according to a source, "It's not a departure in

any way from the Faith No More sound. It's what you wanted to expect from FNM

in the Angel Dust period after The Real Thing." Our source was,

of course, referring to the 1989 album that brought the band their greatest

success due to the anthemic hit "Epic."

"Surprisingly awesome" is how our

source describes the album; we've heard a portion of it and that description

seems justified. The album marks a return to the heavy guitar and funky bass

sound that was the band's trademark in their salad days.

The far-flung

band, who are rarely on the same continent, not to mention in the same city

together, are currently scattered about, with singer Mike Patton resting at his

home in Italy, keyboardist Roddy Bottum in the Bay Area, still very busy with

his other band, Imperial Teen, and Billy Gould traveling in Russia. They plan

to re-group in May for a string of 10 European shows. That short hop will be

followed by a U.S. tour in July and August.

The first single will most

likely be "Last Cup of Sorrow," and the rest of the tracks that will appear on

the album are: "Collision," "Stripsearch," "Naked in Front of the Computer,"

"Helpless," "Mouth to Mouth," "Ashes to Ashes," "She Loves me Not," "Got That

Feeling," "Path of Glory," "Home Sick Home," "Pristina," "The Big Kahuna" and

"Light Up and Let Go."