Cypress Hill's B Real Workin' On Solo Project

B Real's side project is called Psychorealm. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Just days after Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs dropped his latest bomb on

the music world (the Soul Assassins' DJ Muggs Presents...), RuffHouse

Records announced it will release the debut album by Psychorealm, featuring

Muggs' Cypress mate B Real. The self- produced album, as yet untitled, is due

out this summer.

Joining Real at the mike are two brother MCs from

Southgate, California named Duke and Jacken. After a Cypress show several years

back, the pair pinpointed B Real as the man who could help them boost their

act. In 1993 they hooked up with him in person at a concert promoting an end to

barrio warfare. After some initial recording at Real's home studio, the three

rappers decided that Real would not only record Psychorealm, but actually join

the group.

A RuffHouse staffer, who cautions that he's heard Psychorealm's

work only briefly, says "I wouldn't compare it to Cypress."

Meanwhile, as

that album heads toward completion, Cypress' publicist confirmed that Real is

back in L.A. and has begun working with Muggs on the fourth Cypress Hill

record. Muggs will again produce, and the group hopes for a late summer release

to coincide with their participation in the second Smokin' Grooves package