Suge Knight Speaks

Death Row head Suge Knight denies that he was involved in Shakur murder. Surprise.

Imprisoned Death Row founder Marion "Suge" Knight spoke to America's Most

Wanted last Friday night (March 7), and while he didn't exactly reveal the

killer of his "little homie" Tupac Shakur, as promised, the mogul's first jail

house interview since being sentenced to nine years for a parole violation, was


Ironically, Knight's interview aired just one night before

Tupac Shakur's rival in life and hip-hop, East Coast rapper the Notorious

B.I.G., was gunned down in almost the exact same fashion as Shakur was in Las

Vegas in September, in a gangland-style drive-by shooting while Shakur sat in a

car driven by Knight.

Knight, bathed in the kind of odd, soft-focus light

usually reserved for Barbara Streisand, calmly responded to the Most

Wanted interviewer's suggestion that his U-turn away from any hospital

following the shooting of Shakur was an odd choice by saying, "How many people

you know would get shot in the head, where they fracture they skull

you think any person get shot in the head would be thinking, 'Let me see,

what's the quickest way to get to the hospital?' The average person, I think,

would be dead."

When the interviewer directly asked Knight who he thought

was behind the murder, he suggested that Most Wanted had already

revealed the answer. "Whatever your show has and what the police

seems you guys have everything laid out and you guys asking questions that you

guys already know the answer to."

The segment then faded to a blurry

document referred to as an "affidavit obtained by America's Most Wanted last

month," that allegedly contains a statement from a confidential informant

identifying Orlando Anderson as Tupac's killer. Anderson is the man with whom

Shakur and Knight allegedly scuffled the night of his shooting. The segment

also showed footage of that scuffle, which eventually landed Knight in jail and

it clearly shows a group of men in the lobby of a Vegas casino kicking and

beating a black male. It also shows Tupac and an ever-increasing posse of at

least 20 quickly making their way out of the casino's front door. No charges

have been filed against Anderson.

When the interviewer repeated suggestions

she'd heard that Knight, fearing Tupac was planning to leave Death Row, might

have been behind his murder, the mogul responded, "Once again, let's use common

sense. One, I'm going to be behind killing my best friend and tell them to

shoot me in the head. Make sure you shoot me in the head to make it look good.

That's crazy."

Knight also answered charges that Shakur's mother, Afeni

Shakur, had suggested that Death Row had cheated her son. "When I was in jail,"

Knight said, "I gave her a check for $3 million, plus, also, you got the

paperwork right there that you can show the screen, the camera, the world, I

think in four-to-five months Tupac spent $2.4, $2.5 million."

As for his

feelings for his slain friend, Knight said, "I love 'Pac then, I love 'Pac now.

He loved me. That's my little homie. And it's always going to be that way."