The Gravity Kills Remixes

Recording even as they tour Europe. But can they rub their tummy and pat their head at the same time?

Techno dance bashers Gravity Kills will go the remix route on March 25 when

they release Manipulated, a 60-minute, 13-track EP of reworked songs

from their eponymous debut.

Remixes will be courtesy of Ministry, Lords of

Acid, P.M. Dawn and Pigface's Martin Atkins. The multiple remixes of the songs

include five versions of the song "Enough" (one by Ministry's Al Jourgensen,

one by Martin Atkins and another by P.M. Dawn), three mixes of "Here," one of

"Blame" two of "Down" and two of the hit "Guilty."

The band have already

finished writing material for their sophomore album and have tracked five songs

using a custom-built studio installed on their European tour bus. Recording for

the next album will begin in earnest this summer.