Weird Aerosmith Record Release Party

Strange way of promoting the new album.

Aerosmith are gearing up for a record release party for their new album Nine

Lives that sounds over-the-top even for these typically not-exactly-subtle

Boston boys. Next Tuesday (March 18), the release date of the album, the

seldom-used first floor of the Manhattan Center in New York will be transformed

into a multi-room "transcendental journey through Aerosmith's nine lives,"

according to a source close to the band.

The ballroom on the 1st floor will

be partitioned into nine rooms, each one thematically attached to a song from

the album, i.e., "Pink" will be a pink room with pink performers and pink food,

etc., and each room will be stacked with a variety of "surprises, performers,

edgy theatrical pieces and magic performances."

The event will also be

beamed out live via satellite to 10 cities across the country where fans will

be able to gather and watch the proceedings thanks to the video eye of a host

with cameras in each room, which will also capture a live performance later in

the evening.

The event, which kicks off at 8 PM (EST), will be packed with

contest winners, fan club members and other Aerosmith regulars, including the

folks in Chicago, LA, Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and four

other cities who will participate long-distance later in the evening when the

band will talk to fans in each city and take questions.

At some point in

the evening, the source cryptically promised, "in a surprise, revealing way,

everyone experiencing the nine lives will be a part of a mass reincarnation

where everyone will share a 10th life together."

Aerosmith will also make

an appearance at MTV's "Spring Break."