Patti Smith In Clubland

An intimate performance at the Rivoli.

Patti Smith performed, unannounced, at the Rivoli, a

Toronto club, Saturday night to a small crowd of 150. Smith, with acoustic

guitar accompaniment from writer/guitarist Oliver Ray, was on stage for about

35 minutes. She opened the show with a new, as yet unrecorded song that she

said her and Ray were working on ""with Jerry Garcia in mind."

Among the

songs Smith performed were "Walkin' Blind," the song Smith co-wrote with Ray

and contributed to the Dead Man Walking soundtrack, and "Beneath The

Southern Cross" off her most recent album, Gone Again. She closed with a

powerful version of "People Have The Power."

At times during the brief set,

Smith also played acoustic guitar, according to our on-the-scene correspondent

Joshua, who plays bass in Poledo, the band that opened the show.


were a few ultra-annoying people in the crowd who KEPT FUCKING TALKING during

her set," Joshua reports. "And somebody was heckling her! Do you believe

that?!?!! Patti Smith plays a small club and Joe Idiot drinks beers, shouts and

pisses her off."

At one point the talking got to Smith. "What the hell are

you all talking about?" she said. "I'm losing my concentration up here."

And a little later: "Wow, this was even worse than I expected"


audience stopped talking after that.

Despite the distractions from the

crowd, Joshua says he was "completely mesmerized" by her performance.


is expected to continue sessions for her next album at a New York studio later

this month (preliminary recording began last December).